Animal Diversity

Students who come to the University of Reading to study Zoology have a unique final year module called Animal Diversity. This provides an overview of the diversity of animal life. Building on skills acquired during their Zoology degree, students use the Cole Museum of Zoology, the recently produced Cole Animal Diversity CD and the primary literature to develop a solid understanding of animal taxonomy.

Virtual case on bat taxonomy created by final year undergraduate students.In addition, each student will study a specific animal group in detail to investigate relationships between form and function and will relate taxonomic diversity to ecological and biogeographical factors and integrate more recent knowledge gained through modern molecular techniques. They will then produce a virtual museum display or resource that illustrates some of their findings presented for public consumption.

The module culminates in a final examination where specimens from the Cole Museum are presented to the student, who will be expected to know their taxonomic names and be able to hypothesise on their lifestyle or relationship to other specimens.

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