What to See at the Cole Museum

bot flyWith hundreds of specimens of great zoological significance, the Cole Museum of Zoology demonstrates the rich diversity of the Animal Kingdom. The Museum begins with the simplest of life forms and ends with the most intelligent, the Primates.

Start your tour by learning about the invertebrates, animals without backbones. Wonderful examples of corals, jellyfish, deep sea sponges, squids and snails are on show for you to see. Next, move on to admire the beautiful collection of butterflies from around the World and a fossil replica of the largest spider that ever lived. Find out about sharks and rays and how humans are related to fish. The reptile display will tell you about our links to the age of dinosaurs and how birds have evolved over millions of years. See if you can find the dinosaur egg, one of the latest additions to the Collection.

tamarinThe end of your tour will bring you to perhaps the most familiar area of the Animal Kingdom - the mammals. Do you know what makes a mammal and how we are related to the other Primates? How did humans evolve and what does the future hold for us? Discover the answers to these questions and more at the Cole Museum of Zoology.

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