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School Deputy Director of Research
Director of the Design Innovation Research Centre 
External Responsibilities:
Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Fellow
Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE) Information Systems Panel Member
Editorial Board on Journal of Management
Editorial Board of Building Research and Information
Editorial Board of Engineering Project Organization Journal

Areas of Interest:

Professor Jennifer Whyte has broad interests in design innovation, management practices and digital technologies. As Director of the Design Innovation Research Centre (an EPSRC Challenging Engineering exploration group) she leads inter-disciplinary research to develop new tools and processes for the design of buildings and infrastructure, with a vision of a new mode of design in the digital economy. The work of this team builds on her trajectory of research on the design and management of major building and infrastructure projects, including Heathrow Terminal 5, London 2012 Olympics and Crossrail. She holds an Advanced Institute of Management (AIM) Research mid-career Fellowship, which focuses on management practices in project based design environments.

Her research is published in major international journals, including Organization Studies, Strategic Organization, Long Range Planning, Construction Management and Economics, Building Research and Information and Design Studies. More details of her research activities and available from her personal homepage.

Research groups / Centres:

Design Innovation Research Centre
Innovative Construction Research Centre

Research awards:

'Design Innovation Research Centre' - an EPSRC Challenging Engineering award, £1.25m, 60 months, January 2010-, principal investigator.

'AIM Fellowship on Management Practices in Project-Based Design Environments' - EPSRC/ESRC funded through the Advanced Institute of Management (AIM), 60% time, 24 months, October 2009-, principal investigator.

'Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments' - EPSRC Industrial Doctorate Centre, £6m, 60 months, £3.6m, 36 months, October 2009-, co-principal investigator (with Awbi, H., Bonser, R., Liu, K. and Belcher, S).

'Knowledge and Information Management through Life' - an EPSRC Grand Challenge, £3.6m, 36 months, 2005-2008, co-principal investigator (with 30 others from Bath, Imperial, Cambridge, Loughborough, Reading and Salford).

'Creativity: Technologies and Design' - an Audi Design Foundation/ EPSRC (BEIC) co-funded project, £54,874, 12 months, September 2005-September 2006, principal investigator.

'Creativity and Design in the Firm' - a DTI Strategy Unit 'think-piece', £9,000, 2 months, June 2005-Aug 2005, co-principal investigator (with Bessant, J. and Neely, A., Advanced Institute of Management).

'Playful Engineering' - an EPSRC (BEIC) funded project, £450,000, 3.5 years, October 2004-current, project leader.

'Design Quality Indicators: Quantitative Analysis' - a Construction Industry Council funded project, £30,000, six months, October 2004-March 2005, principal investigator.

'Managing Knowledge Representation in Design'- an ESRC Evolution of Business Knowledge Programme, £244,000, 30 months, September 2003-June 2006, award no RES-334-25-0007, co-principal investigator (with Tidd, J. and Gann, D.).

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Whyte, J.K. (2002) Virtual Reality and the Built Environment, Architectural Press (ISBN 0 7506 5372 8)

Book Chapters

Whyte, J. & Tombesi, P. (2011) ‘Challenges of Design Management in Construction’, in Cooper, R., Junginger, S. and Lockwood, T. (eds) Design Management Handbook, Berg Publishing, forthcoming.

Gann, D.M. Whyte, J.K. and Salter, A. (2003) 'Building Indicators of Design Quality' in Macmillan, S. (ed.) Design Quality in the Built Environment, Spon.

1998 MA, Cambridge University
1994 BA, Cambridge University
2000 PhD, Loughborough University

Previous Employment:

  • Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College Business School, London, UK
  • Research Fellow, Imperial College Business School, London, UK
  • Research Fellow, Science and Technology Policy Research (SPRU), University of Sussex, UK
  • Research Associate, Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University, UK
  • Lecturer, Hebei Institute of Civil and Architectural Engineering, China

Dr Jennifer Whyte

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