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Retired from all University Responsibilities.
Areas of Interest:
Current research interests cover biomimetics ("The abstraction of good design from nature"), plant and animal biomechanics, smart materials and structures, mechanics of composite materials, design of composite structures and the application of biomimetic concepts to architecture. Biomimetic projects include developments of smart textiles, muscle-type actuators, integral strain sensors, impact-energy absorbing materials, natural fibre-based composites, development of cellular materials from renewable starch sources, bio-inspired air-flow sensors. Composite-related projects include the design of smart, self-regulating composite wind turbine blades, friendly suspension systems for road and rail transport which minimize damage to infrastructure, design and development of composite flywheels for "hybrid" urban mass transport systems. These research activities have been funded by research councils, European Union, industry, government departments in the UK and the US.
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George has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals which cover his research interests. A selection of recent selected publications is given below:

Jeronimidis, G. (2004) Biodynamics. Architectural Design, 74(3), 90-96

John, G., Clements-Croome, D. and Jeronimidis, G. (2005) Sustainable building solutions: a review of lessons from the natural world. Building and the Environment 40:319-328

Santulli, C., Patel, S.I., Jeronimidis, G., Davis, F.J., Mitchell, G.R. (2005) Development of smart variable stiffness actuators using polymer hydrogels. Smart Materials and Structures 14: 434-440.

Hou, J.P., Cherruault, J.Y., Jeronimidis, G. and Mayer, R. (2005) Design, testing and simulation of composite double leaf spring. J. Stain Analysis 40(6):497-504.

Bonello, P., Brennan, M.J., Elliott, S.J., Vincent, J.F.V. and Jeronimidis, G. (2005) Designs for an adaptive tuned vibration absorber with variable shape stiffness.Proc. Roy. Soc. A 461(2064):3955-3976.

Müller, U., Gindl, W. and Jeronimidis, G. (2006) Biomechanics of a branch-stem junction in softwood.Trees:structure and function 20:643-648.

Jiang, D., Bibas, A., Santulli, C., Donelly, N., Jeronimidis, G. and Fitzgerald O' Connor, A. (2007) Equivalent noise level generated by drilling onto the ossicular chain as measured by laser Doppler vibrometry: a temporal bone study.The Laryngoscope 117(6):1040-1045.

Hou, J.P., Cherruault, J.Y., Nairne, I., Jeronimidis, G. and Mayer, R.M. (2007) Evolution of the eye-end design of a composite leaf spring for heavy axle loads.Composites Structures 78(3):351:358.


Dottore in Chimica,

Member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3)

Fellow of the International Academy of Wood Science (FIAWS)

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Max Planck Institute on Colloids and Interfaces, Golm, Germany.

Visiting Professor, The AA School of Architecture, London.

Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhengzhou University, China.

Member of the Editorial Board of Virtual and Physical Prototyping.

Member of the Management Committee of BIONIS (

Member of the Smart Materials and Structures Committee of the IoM3.
Professor George Jeronimidis

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