Staff Profile:Professor Derek Clements-Croome


Eng. Doctorate supervision; teaching and research

DSc Hon(Debrecen University
PhD (Loughborough)

External Responsibilities:
Chair CIBSE Intelligent Buildings Group; member of 3 BCO committees; member of UK Green Building Council Panel on well-being in homes; a founder member of Feeling Good Foundation; Editor of Intelligent Buildings International Journal; Coordinator for CIB Commission W098;Visiting Professor at LSBU and Hong Kong Polytechnic University; committee member for National Conference of University Professors.

Areas of Interest:

Intelligent Buildings and Cities; health and well-being. 

Career Path
11 years in industry then academic career at Southampton; Loughborough; Bath and Reading Universities.

Research groups / Centres:

Innovative and Sustainable Technologies (IST)
Technologies for Sustainable Built Environments (TSBE)

Research Awards:
BCO on wearables and their impact on the built environment; Innovate UK on Building Performance

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He is an editor and author of several books: including Intelligent Buildings, Design, Management & Operation (2004 and 2013) ICE Publishing (it was published in Chinese in March 2006): Intelligent Buildings: An Introduction (2013) Taylor & Francis: Electromagnetic Environment & Health in Buildings (2004) Spon; Creating the Productive Workplace (2000) (Second edition 2006) Spon; Naturally Ventilated Buildings Spon (1997); Airconditioning and Ventilation of Buildings, Pergamon Press, 1981 (Second Edition), also published in Chinese and Russian and Noise, Buildings and People, Pergamon Press, 1977.

He is editor-in-chief of the journal Intelligent Buildings International published by Taylor & Francis.

Published over 200 papers on various aspects of his research and education projects.

Key Facts:

He represented the discipline on the Government Strategy Technology Board in Taiwan in 2007-9 and is also a Commissioner for the Ministry of Construction in Beijing; President of National Conference of University Professors 2007-9; Chairman and Founder of Intelligent Buildings Group CIBSE; also the Whole Life Performance Task Group for the CIBSE. Co-coordinator for the CIB Commission W098; Chairman of Federation of European Heating and Airconditioning Association (REHVA) Task Force 10,on Improving the Reliability and Value of Building Services; member of EPSRC College; Project Assessor for several international bodies including the EU; peer reviewer for several journals and sits on several editorial boards.

He sat on Council at CIBSE, also BSRIA and Executive Boards for British Council of Offices (BCO). He sits on Technical Affairs, Sustainability, and Research Groups for BCO.

Past Chairman and founder of the South East Centre of the Built Environment in Construction; Past Chairman and Member and of Executive Committee for European Intelligent Building Group (now Intelligent Building Group).

Derek holds visiting professorships at several universities in China: and Finland. Honorary President of Intelligent Buildings Congress at AEG Science and Technology University in Cracow since 2001. UK Ambassador and Chairman, at Clima 2000, 7th World Congress, Naples in September 2001.

Silver and Bronze Medallist of the CIBSE and the Institute of Hospital Engineering. Nominated and elected Fellow of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers in 1997. Nominated and elected Lifetime Member of the International Academy of Indoor Air Sciences in 2000. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, Institution of Civil Engineers, Institute of Physics and Royal Society of Arts.

For more information, visit Derek's website:

Derek Clements-Croome

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Mobile: 07711705456
206 Engineering

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