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Intellectual Property Ownership

The University has a Code of Practice on Intellectual Property, Commercial Exploitation and Financial Benefits which is approved by Council

The main points are as follows:

The University of Reading asserts its rights to ownership of all Intellectual Property (IP) created or devised by its staff in the normal course of their employment, except where funding agreements dictate otherwise.

The University of Reading does not automatically own student intellectual property. However, there are circumstances where the University will request students to assign their IP to the University before, during or after the course of studies.

These can include where a project is funded by a third party under a grant or contract or where a student is working in collaboration with University Staff

Follow the link below for full details:
Code of Practice on Intellectual Property (PDF - 186KB) 

The Code needs to be read in conjunction with the Guide to the Commercial Exploitation of Intellectual Property, which is available to University staff and students by following the link below to the Internal Procedures page.

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