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Anna Horwood has been a clinical orthoptist working and teaching in the Eye Clinic at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust for many years, doing small-scale clinical research projects in her spare time. She has known and worked with Dr Tricia Riddell on and off for many years, but after doing the Research Methods in Psychology MSc at the University of Reading where Tricia was her dissertation supervisor, Dr Riddell offered Anna a research post working on a large MRC-funded project looking at the development of ocular accommodation and convergence in infants. While working on this project she was able to use the results from a clinical study of orthoptists' infants, combined with the data from the University research to study neonatal misalignments (when a newborn baby's eyes go "cross eyed") as her PhD thesis work. This topic had never been researched before and has already led to a change in practice in the UK. The collaboration with Tricia Riddell led to the development of an exciting new model of how the near vision system might be driven, and might go wrong in common childhood eye problems, which is being funded by a Department of Health Fellowship to study for the next four years. The support from the University has enabled Anna to move from small scale clinical studies into world class research which has important implications for children's eyecare.

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