Health related research

A number of researchers in the University are undertaking health related research. They include individuals in the following schools:

Clinical Health Sciences - University of Reading - Research themes and theme leadersSchool of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences

Dr C van Reekum: "The relationship of age, cognitive control and emotion to measures of well-being", "Adaptive responding to emotions in the brain"

Dr T Johnstone: "Top-down control of peripheral feedback during a working memory task"

Dr C Williams: "The effects of acute flavonoid supplementation on the cognitive behaviour of 8-9 year old children

Dr C Houston-Price: "A visual exposure strategy to facilitate the introduction of fruit and vegetables into the diet of toddlers"

Dr C Steel: "Personality and reactions to stressful events", "Individual differences and emotional processing"

Dr L T Butler: "The effects of acute and chronic flavonoid supplementation on cognitive performance in human older adults", "Effect of flavonoids in blueberries on cognitive performance in young and older adults"

Dr P Fearon: "Attentional bias in anxiety: Testing a competition model", "Attentional bias for conditioned threatening stimuli in high and low trait anxious individuals", "The development of children's emotion regulation skills"

Dr S Halligan: "The Cambridge Child Development Study"

Dr M Williams: "Stress experienced by NHS staff"

Professor J A Ellis: "Longitudinal study of people with subjective memory complaints"

Dr G Schafer: "A parental report assessment for cognitive delay in at-risk infants"

Dr A Glennerster: "The visual representation of space in moving observers"

Dr E Gaffan: "Open trial of BluesBegone computerised cognitive behavioural therapy program for mild to moderately severe depression in patients with diabetes mellitus"

Professor S Edwards: "The New Reynell: development of the 4th edition of the Reynell Developmental Language scales.

School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy

Dr P Yaqoob: "PRIMAGE - Probiotics, immunity and ageing", "Blood cell function and response to dietary components, "Is DHA status affected by the menstrual cycle in young women?"

Dr J Lovegrove: "Investigating the effects of red and white beetroot varieties on blood pressure and vascular reactivity in healthy humans", "Human volunteer trial on the prebiotic and glycaemic index capacity of a whole grain oat cereal in reducing the risk of metabolic diseases.

Dr O Kennedy: "Investigating the effects of aroma and consumption of chocolate on sensory specific satiety, food intake and mood"

Dr K Tuohy: "Measuring the impact of dietary multi mineral supplementation on the genotoxic potential of the human gut contents - a human volunteer trial"

Dr A Thompson: "Variability in measurements of endothelial function in women taking oral contraceptives", "Impact of fatty acid type and eNOS genotype on endothelial function", "Development of a Euglycaemic clamp"

Dr S Kolida: "Development of a symbiotic for immune function. In vitro pilot study"

Dr A M Minihane: "Apolipoprotein E Genotype as a determinant of the LDL-cholesterol response to dietary fat manipulation", "The impact if EPA-versus DHA-rich fish oils on vascular reactivity after an acute test meal", "Genotyping Factsheets"

Dr J Vulevic: "A double blind, placebo controlled, randomised, single centred, crossover study determine the effect of a prebiotic on abdominal bloating and visible distention in healthy adults"

Dr C Connon: "Novel use of hydrogels for the storage of corneal tissues prior to therapeutic use"

Dr A Rodriguez Mateos: "Effects of flavonoids in blueberries on endothelial function in healthy men"

Dr A Costabile: "A double blind, randomised, single centred, of parallel design study to determine the potential of commercially available probiotic and prebiotic products, to beneficially influence the colonic microflora and improve gut function of healthy, adult individuals"

School of Health and Social Care

Mrs A Smith: "To explore the views of foot self-care of elderly patients who have a low risk foot status"

Professor J Keene: "A qualitative study of the views of clients with co-morbid severe mental illness and drug misuse disorder on methadone treatment for drug misuse"

School of Biological Sciences

Professor J Gibbins: "Investigation of mechanisms that enable the inhibition of platelet function by statins"

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