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The Department of Classics at Reading is renowned for its research and teaching strengths in the ancient material world, some of which involve the collections in the Ure Museum of Greek Archaeology, curated by Dr Amy Smith.

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We actively research objects in other museums, archives, and libraries; conduct archaeological fieldwork; and participate in international consortia with colleagues from other institutions. Some of our research projects have emerged from recent symposia and conferences while others are emerging projects. This research group naturally overlaps with other research groups in Classics at Reading, such as Language, Text, and Power.




Aphrodite Revealed. Amy Smith and Sadie Pickup (Oxford) have edited selected papers from the Aphrodite Revealed conference (May 2008), which has republished been published as Brill's Companion to Aphrodite. It is a multidisciplinary treatment of the presentation and reception of the Greek goddess of love, from her Near Eastern 'roots' to the 19th-century art market.

A Comparison of Archaic-Classical Attic and Boeotian Pottery Decorative Techniques. Amy Smith is assembling a team and seeking funding for an examination and comparison of decorative clays used
in Archaic and Classical vase painting.

Ancient graffiti. Through an examination of specific examples and groups of graffiti and related texts, Peter Kruschwitz and others are comparing the uses and responses to ancient graffiti through the ages.

The gods of Small Things. Marianne Bergeron and Amy Smith are collecting and editing a volume of papers from their recent gods of Small Things conference (co-organised with Katerina Volioti), which assembled an international and multidisciplinary team to investigate the cumulative value of non-prestige ex votos.

Ure Museum catalogues raisonées. Amy Smith, Marianne Bergeron, and international colleagues are preparing catalogues raisonnées on the unpublished Greek and Cypriote material in the Ure Museum.

Viewing the Divine. Susanne Turner is exploring viewing in the context of the Greek temple. Her work is funded by a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship. She is planning a conference on this
subject, together with Alastair Harden.

Relevant Staff

  • Kruschwitz
  • Marzano
  • Nicholls
  • Smith

Relevant Publications

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  • Dr Emma Aston
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  • Dr Virginia Campbell
  • Dr Alastair Harden
  • Dr Peter Kruschwitz
  • Dr Annalisa Marzano
  • Dr Matthew Nicholls
  • Dr Amy C. Smith
  • Dr Susanne Turner
  • Dr Katerina Volioti


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