The Classical tradition and Reception Studies - Recent and Forthcoming Talks

You can catch individual members of Reading's reception research grouping speaking at the following conferences and seminars:

David Carter

'The ancient Greek equivalents of modern rights-based theories', University of Manchester Classics Research Seminar, 24 February 2011

'The ancient Greek equivalents of modern rights-based theories', University of St Andrews School of Classics Research Seminar, 29 April 2011.

Barbara Goff

'Another Oedipus: Leloup's Gueido'.  Conference on Translating Myth, University of Essex, September 2013

'The Imaginery Greece of Baron Pierre de Coubertin'.  Keynote address at CASA 2013, Bloemfontein, July 2013.

'Plato at the WEA'.  Panel on Legacy of Greek Political Thought, Classical Association, April  2103, University of Reading.

'William Gladstone and the Parrot'.  Conference on Philology and Empire, University of Reading,  June 2012

'Power and Paradigms: classics in the autobiographies of West African nationalists'.  Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford, October 2011


Katherine Harloe

15 December 2012

'Philhellenism and Enlightenment(s): thinking about the early history of German philhellenism', Symposium on German philhellenism, University of Cambridge

12 November 2012

'Changing fortunes of the commentary in the age of Altertumswissenschaft' Corpus Christi, University of Oxford. This was a contribution to the first of two international symposia on classical commentaries, organised by Christina Kraus (Yale) and Christopher Stray (Swansea). The contributions will lead to an edited volume which has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press.

20 March 2012

'Disciplinary histories', Birkbeck College.

8 March 2012

'Winckelmann's love-letters', Cambridge Philological Society, University of Cambridge.

27 February 2012

'Winckelmann the amateur', Besterman Centre for the Enlightenment, University of Oxford.

22 July 2011

Invited respondent to Professor Constanze G├╝thenke's paper 'Family relations. Classical scholarship and Greek tragedy before The Birth of Tragedy', University College London. International conference on 'Tragedy and the Idea of Modernity' organized by Professor Miriam Leonard (University College, London) and Joshua Billings (Yale).

5 July 2011

'Class and the genesis of German aesthetic philhellenism', international conference on 'Aesthetics and Class in the Ancient World' organized by Professor Edith Hall (Royal Holloway, University of London) and Professor William Fitzgerald (King's College, London), Institute for Classical Studies, London.

1-3 April 2011

'The past-colonial in eighteenth-century historical and prehistorical narratives of Greece', Yale University. International conference 'The past-colonial. Classics and the colonization of the past' organized by Professor Emily Greenwood and Professor Milette Gaifman.

Phiroze Vasunia

'Dreams of Alexander: Kafiristan and Kipling, paper presented at the University of Manchester, February 2013

'William Jones and the Gods of Greece, Italy, and India', paper presented to the conference on 'Indo-Hellenic Interactions', K. R. Cama Oriental Institute, Mumbai, January 2013

'Postclassicism, Peccavistan, and Other P-words', paper presented at the workshop on 'Postclassicism', Princeton University, January 2013

Response to The Making of Roman India (by Grant Parker), paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Philological Association, Seattle, January 2013

'Gandhi, Nehru, Socrates', paper presented at the conference on 'India and South Africa: Comparisons, Confluences, Contrasts', King's College London, October 2012

'Of Europe', paper presented at the conference on 'Herodotus and the Long Nineteenth Century, conference at the University of Liverpool, September 2012

'Burke, Empire, Revolution', paper presented at a panel I organized on 'Revolution and Empire', at the 81st Anglo-American Conference of Historians (Ancients and Moderns), London, July 2012

Organizer, 'Philology and Empire, 1700-1900', a conference for the Network on Ancient and Modern Imperialisms, Reading, June 2012 [also presented a paper at the conference]

'Dreams of Alexander: Kafiristan and Kipling', paper presented at Jnanapravaha, Mumbai, April 2012

Organizer and presider, 'The Literatures of the Roman Empire', joint APA-CA panel, annual meeting of the American Philological Association, Philadelphia, January 2012

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