Staff Profile:Professor Tessa Rajak


Professor Rajak retired from the University of Reading, in December 2008, after many years of teaching and service.  For the conference in her honour, please click here.

Areas of Interest:
Special interests include social and cultural history of the Jews in Hellenistic and Roman periods; early Christianity.
Research groups / Centres:
Publications include:
  • The Jewish Dialogue with Greece and Rome. Studies in Cultural and social Interaction
  • Josephus: the historian and his society
  • The Jews among Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire (with John North and Judith Lieu)
  • Philosophy and Power in the Graeco-Roman World: Essays in Honour of Miriam Griffin (2002), co-ed with Gillian Clark
  • Translation and Survival: The Greek Bible and the Ancient Jewish Diaspora (2009)

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