Staff Profile:Professor Ian Rutherford

Professor Ian Rutherford
Job Title:

Professor of Greek

My university education was at Oxford, and my first teaching job was at Harvard. I have held research positions at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington DC and the University of Cincinnati. I have published three books, and over 40 articles.

Areas of Interest:

My main interests are:

  • Early Greek poetry: I am interested in questions of performance, genre and chronology, and the transmission of Greek poetry via papyri. In 2001 I published Pindar's Paeans. A Reading of the Fragments with a Survey of the Genre (OUP). In 2005 I co-organised a conference at Cambridge on wandering poets in ancient Greece, the proceedings of which were published in 2009 (for a review, see Bryn Mawr Classical Review). As a core-member of the Network for the Study of Archaic and Classical Greek Song (see website), I will be a coorganiser of the network's annual conference in 2013. In September 2010 I am giving a paper on anthropology and the chorus at the meeting of the Archive for the Performance of Greco-Roman Drama (APGRD 2010 Annual Conference).
  • Ancient Religion, particularly pilgrimage: Along with Jas Elsner, I edited "Pilgrimage in Greco-Roman and Christian Antiquity. Seeing the Gods" (Oxford, 2005), and I am finishing a book on theoria (state-pilgrimage) in ancient Greece. I edited volume of the Journal of Ancient Near Eastern Religions (vol. 6 [2006]) which consisted of nine papers discussing connections between Greek religion and the orient. Along with Sarah Hitch I am currently editing a volume on animal sacrifice in the Greco-Roman world. I am a member of the Strasbourg-based research network ViGMA: vivre, grandir, mourir dans l' antiquité, devoted to rites of passage in the ancient world (ViGMA website).
  • Ancient Anatolia and Greek World: In 2004 I helped to organise a conference on cultural interaction between Anatolia and Greece, the proceedings of which have now been published as Anatolian Interfaces (Oxbow 2007) (for a review, see Bryn Mawr Classical Review. In 2008 I wrote a book on Hittite Religion and Greek religion, which is now forthcoming with Oxford University Press. Between 2008 and 2010, I received funding from the British Academy to collaborate with Alice Mouton (CNRS) on an edition of "Luvian" religious texts (the "Luvians" were the inhabitants of South and Western Turkey in the Bronze Age, and were almost certainly in contact with the Greeks).
  • Contacts between Ancient Egypt and Greece: I organized a conference on interaction between Greek and Egyptian literature in the Greco-Roman period, which took place at Reading in September 2007 (Graeco-Aegyptica Conference). I contributed papers on this subject to the Oxford-based research network The Romance East and West in 2009 (The Romance between Greece and the East Conference). I am a member of an American-based group studying the hymns of the Greco-Egyptian poet Isidorus of Narmouthis; our second meeting will be at the Getty Institute in Los Angeles in November 2010.

Research groups / Centres:
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    Ian Rutherford

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