Staff Profile:Dr Gill Knight


Lecturer in Classical and Medieval language and literature.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 12-1; Thursdays 12-1

She is School Director of Academic Tutoring for the School of Humanities and lectures in the Graduate School of Medieval Studies.

Areas of Interest:

She gave a paper on 'Emotion and Gesture in Medieval Epistolarity' at the 2006 International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, and a paper on the theme of exile in Venantius Fortunatus has been accepted by the Platinum Latin Society for a sponsored session at 42nd ICMS, Kalamazoo, 2007.

Research groups / Centres:

Gill has published on the twelfth-century letters of Peter the Venerable, including literary analysis of his correspondence with Bernard of Clairvaux. At present she is working on Latin verse letters from late antiquity through to the Middle Ages.

Her publications include The correspondence between Peter the Venerable and Bernard of Clairvaux: a semantic and structural analysis (Ashgate 2002); 'Friendship and erotics in the late antique verse-epistle: Ausonius to Paulinus revisited', Rheinisches Museum für Philologie 148, 3-4 (2005), 361-403; 'Politics and pastoral care: papal schism in some letters of Peter the Venerable', Revue Bénédictine 109 (3-4) (1999), 359-390; 'Uses and abuses of amicitia: the correspondence between Peter the Venerable and Hato of Troyes', Reading Medieval Studies 23 (1997), 35-67; 'The language of retreat and the eremitic ideal in some letters of Peter the Venerable', Archives d'Histoire Doctrinale et Littéraire du Moyen Âge 63 (1996), 7-43 and 'Chrétien de Troyes: his "rhetoric of love" ', Reading Medieval Studies 14 (1988) 77-110.


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