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Dr Emma Aston
Job Title:
Head of Department

Lecturer in Ancient History; Department Director of Academic Tutoring

UG Teaching

I teach on a wide range of topics, including: Greek Religion; ancient Macedon between Alexander I and Alexander III ('The Great'); the Greeks and the natural world. I also teach Latin and Greek.
PGT Teaching

I am currently running an MA Special Option called 'Embodying Gods', about the depiction of divinity in ancient Greek cult and thought.

Areas of Interest:
I have previously worked chiefly within the area of ancient religion, my book on Greek animal hybrid deities has been recently published, and I am also editing some of the unpublished writings of Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood, on animals in Greek myth and cult. My current monograph project, however, is on the history and culture of Thessaly in the Classical and Hellenistic periods, with a particular focus on relations between Thessalian and non-Thessalian communities.  I spent a term as a Fellow of the British School at Athens working on research for this book and have also travelled extensively in the area. With its rich and much-exploited plains, Thessaly also allows me to work further on another long-standing area of interest: the Greeks' relationship with the natural world, both actual (through agriculture and animal husbandry) and imaginary (through myth).
Research groups / Centres:

Research interests

I have a longstanding interest in Greek religion, especially the depiction of deities in part-animal form, which was the subject of my 2011 book Mixanthrôpoi: Animal-Human Hybrid Deities in Greek Religion (Liège). 

My current main area of research, however, is Thessaly in northern Greece.

Current projects

I am working on a book on the culture and identity of Thessaly from the 7th to the 2nd century BC.  I am also editing an unpublished monograph by the late scholar of Greek religion and myth, Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood.

Postgraduate supervision

I am especially interested in supervising doctoral projects on northern Greece, Greek religion, and ancient attitudes towards the natural world.

  • Current PGR projects

I am second supervisor to a PhD student working on the depiction of animal skins in ancient art.

  • Recently Completed 

I was second supervisor to a PhD student who recently completed a PhD on the distribution of Haimonian lekythoi in central and northern Greece.
I have also been both an internal and an external PhD examiner.

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  • Aston, E. M. M. (2014) Part-animal gods. In: Campbell, G. L. (ed.) Oxford handbook of animals in classical thought and life. Oxford University Press, pp. 366-383. ISBN 9780199589425








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Emma Aston

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