Classics Research Seminars

Our Programme for the Academic Year 2016-17

The following events are currently scheduled for Autumn Term 2017. Please also have a look at our Classics Conferences page for additional events.

Research Seminars

University of Reading, Classics Research Seminars. Autumn Semester 2017. Everyone is invited to join the speaker for drinks and dinner at a local restaurant after the paper.

28th September

Pottery workshops in Greek colonies of the Ionian coast: production and consumption at Metaponto and Herakleia

Francesca Silvestrelli (Salento)

5th October

Realism in Euripidean characterization: a cognitive approach

Evert Van Emde Boas (Oxford)

12th October

Two Languages, Four Scripts (and Counting): Dealing with Linguistic Diversity in Graeco-Roman Egypt

Luigi Prada (Oxford)

19th October

Reviving tradition in Hadrianic Rome: From incineration to inhumation

Barbara Borg (Exeter)

26th October

In search of the hidden truth in Persius' Satires

Andrea Gavrielatos (Edinburgh)

9th November

Epigraphy in context: the case of multae in Roman and Samnite Italy

Sophia Piacentin (KCL)

16th November

Sexual Violence and a Re-Reading of the Eurymedon Vase

Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Cardiff)

23rd November

Pindar's Pythian 4 and Greek colonial memory

Peter Agocs (UCL)

25th November, venue TBC

Title TBA Ure Lecture

Christopher Smith

30th November

'Aegeomania' or Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology beyond archaeology modern obsessions with the Aegean Bronze Age Past in various cultural practices

Nicoletta Momigliano (Bristol)

7th December

The Self-Image of Alexander the Great

Fred Naiden (North Carolina)


All seminars, unless otherwise stated, will be held at 4pm in HumSS Van Emden theatre on Reading's Whiteknights Campus.

All Welcome!

Module convenor: Ian Rutherford

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