CINNergies is a creative and diverse community of early career researchers who share an openness for and motivation to engage in interdisciplinary research.

Our mission: To provide opportunities for early career researchers to meet, to connect, and to share their research interests with the overarching aim of:

  • Fostering a continued knowledge exchange between disciplines

  • Initiating interdisciplinary openness in academic careers

  • Promoting the generation of novel and innovative research projects that bring together multiple disciplines (or approaches) or from which new disciplines (or approaches) emerge

Upcoming Events 


Our next talk will be held in February 2019 - watch this space for updates! 


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our events, please do not hesitate to get in touch at 


Previous events






 "Eggs vs Salmonella! The antibacterial properties of egg white"

A talk by PhD student Louis A. Julien
School of Biological Sciences

Louis Julien is completing a joint PhD program at Reading University (School of Biological Sciences) and the University of Rennes, in France. Louis will introduce us to the world of microbiology, working with bacteria in a lab environment and present his work on salmonella and the antibacterial properties of egg white in an engaging way that is accessible for early career researchers from all departments! You won't want to miss this!

Date: January 23rd, 2019
Time: 4:30-5:30 pm
Location: SCR Meeting Room (upstairs in Park House, Whiteknights Campus)

Right after the talk and Q&A, we moved to Park House for our monthly drinks.






In December, early career researchers from across the university joined us for a great workshop linking art and interdisciplinary research to develop an alternative guided tour of the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL).

Using the temporary exhibition with pieces by Steven Claydon, we discussed questions such as "What can you see in a museum exhibit or art piece? How would you tell the story of an object from the perspective of your own discipline? How would you guide someone around an installation?"


With ECRs from different disciplines such as history, fine art, biological sciences and psychology, we were able to learn about many different perspectives on this exciting exhibition. Thanks to all those who joined us! 



We were thrilled with Dr. Sam Poskitt's Talk on November the 7th.

Dr. Sam explored participatory scenario planning (PSP) – a process in which people with different social and disciplinary perspectives collectively imagine alternative plausible narratives of the future for tackling combined social and environmental challenges.

Afterwards, we went for drinks at Park House! 




Visualising Connections: What does interdisciplinarity look like?

CINNergies was part of the inspiring #lunchtimeencounters!

Miranda Laurence, the new Visual Arts Development Officer of the University organized a series of lunchtime encounters/expositions at the sculpture created by students of architecture.

CINNergies had a drop-in activity exploring and playing with the idea of collaboration. What does interdisciplinarity look like? How would you visualize it? Imagine it? Make it? How would you represent the outcomes of a collaboration and how would it make you feel?

It was a delightful time! ;-) 



As a celebration for CINNergies first semester and for the end of the summer term, we have organized a super fun CINNergies Pub Quiz 

It was such a nice event where we could connect, share experiences and make more friends!

And to spice things a little bit, there was even a prize! 😊





On Wednesday, the 18th of April, we gathered for drinks at the pub once again!! It was awesome! The weather was sunny and we all sat on the grass next to Park House! We even took some pictures! You can find them on the link Past Events and Pictures.

Pub - on the 18th at 5pm, at Park House

Our April talk was also very successful! Dr. Francesco Tamagnini talked about memory, electrophysiology, and Alzheimer. Stay tuned for videos in the near future! 

"A spark of memory: cellular electrophysiology alterations in Alzheimer's disease."

Talk - April 25th at 1pm, CINN's Conference Room



Dr. Hiral Patel talked about methods of research to inform building design, new ways of thinking about buildings, and she explored interdisciplinary methods and possibilities.

March 20th, 20pm. Merl - Conference Room. An Excursion to the World of Archives

On Wednesday the 14th of March we had a great time chatting and meeting new people at the pub! Thank you all for coming!



On the 28th we had the opportunity to present CINNergies to the School of Built Environment in their lunch-time seminar series.

We talked about our mission, how it started, who we are, and what are our plans and calendar. We were glad to engage with ECRs and PhDs and invite them to be part of this enterprise, and we were very happy with their support! Thanks to the School for the warm welcome!


On Wednesday the 21st of February we had a great time chatting and meeting new people at the pub! Thank you all for coming!

January 2018

January 31st. 1pm. CINN's Conference Room.

Dr Kathryn Francis talked about how design, computer science, & robotics can contribute to moral psychology: Interdisciplinary tracks in the trolley problem. 


Social at the Pub!

Let's meet at the Park House Pub on January 17th, at 4pm.

We had a wonderful time there! Thank you all for coming!

If you missed it, no worries. There will be another one in February!

December 2017

Our first event, to introduce CINNergies, was last December! We were very happy with the outcomes! Thank you all for coming!