Progress in Neural Field Theory 2010

We are pleased to announce the CINN Neural Fields Conference, held September 16-18, 2010, at the University of Reading, UK. The conference is sponsored by the CINN, with the support of the EPSRC.



Neural fields are an emergent tool to model and understand neurodynamics. The objective of this conference is to gather all researchers interested in developing and using such models to understand information processing in the brain.


Call for posters

Attendees are invited to submit posters describing their research. A selection of these posters will be made available throughout the conference, and presented in a dedicated session. Interested researchers should submit a title and an abstract at by August 6th, midnight.



 Thursday, 16th September, 2010 
 09:30 Registration
 10:00 Introduction (Doug Saddy, Roland Potthast, Peter beim Graben)

Roland Potthast
"Inverse problems in neural field theory."

 11:10 Coffee
 11:40 Paul Bressloff
"Oscillations and waves in neural fields with synaptic depression."
 12:30 Lunch
 14:00 Alistair Steyn-Ross
"Hysteresis effects in general anaesthesia: Measurement artifact or biophysical reality?"
 14:50 David Liley
"Neural field modeling of brain activity: physiological insights and

practical applications."

 15:40 Tea

Viktor Jirsa

 17:00 Jim Wright
"Neural Field theory, evolutionary pressure towards encephalization, and synaptic self-organization."
 Friday, 17th September, 2010 
 09:30 Sebastian Schneegans
"Associations and transformations in multi-dimensional neural fields."
 10:20 Peter beim Graben
"Coupling fields together: Towards a grand unified neural field theory."
 11:10 Coffee
 11:40 Moira Steyn-Ross
"Interacting Hopf and Turing instabilities in the Cortex: Role of gap junctions."
 12:30 Lunch
 14:00 Olivier Faugeras
"Stationary states and their bifurcations in neural field equations."
 14:50 Wolfram Erlhagen
"A dynamic field approach to natural and efficient human-robot collaboration."
 15:40  Tea
 16:10 John Terry
"Characterizing the evolution of Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsies using a mean-field model: Towards practical clinical tools."

Jack Cowan
"Statistical mechanics and neural field theory."

 17:50 Poster session and drinks in CINN
 Satuday, 18th September, 2010 
 09:30 Chris Brackley
"Heterogeneous Connectivity in Neural Fields: A Stochastic Simulation Approach."
 10:20 Carlo Laing
"PDE methods for two-dimensional neural fields."
 11:10 Coffee
 11:40 Stephen Coombes
"Sigmoids, heterogeneities, interfaces, driving: recent results and further challenges in neural field modelling."



  • Pringle Chris (Univ. Reading, UK)
  • Roesch Etienne (Univ. Reading, UK)
  • Sloan Kelly (Univ. Reading, UK)


Scientific committee


Invited speakers


Attendance is free, but registration is required, by email to


All talks will be held in the Nike Auditorium, Agriculture building, University of Reading. The building is next to the CINN; see our How to find us page for more details.


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