Workshop: Bi-/Multilingualism and the Declining Brain: Current evidence and future directions
21 June 2017

This event will look into contemporary suggestions about the neuroprotective effects of bi-/multilingualism against brain decline in healthy and patient populations.


Reading Short Course in Neuroscientific Methods
13 to 17 June 2017

Target group: post-graduate students and doctoral in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The course provides exposure to contemporary neuroimaging techniques, including empirical design for electroencephalographic, and functional magnetic resonance brain imaging (EEG and fMRI, when recorded separately and simultaneously), as well as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Demonstration and training components draw on existing social neuroscience data from emotional regulation, language, decision making and learning and memory paradigms.


Wuerzburg Summer School on Social Cognition and Neuroscience

23 to 28 June 2017

Target group: Advanced Master students and PhD students of psychology and other related disciplines.

The Wuerzburg Summer School on Social Cognition and Neuroscience (SCONE) is held in Wuerzburg, Germany and all courses will be taught in English. The summer school includes stimulating keynote lectures, seminar-like hot-topic sessions, and skill-focused workshops led by internationally recognised experts.