Imaging Technologies

3T Siemens Trio MRI scanner suite

TIM system:

Total Imaging Matrix

whole body imaging

up to 32 channels (32ch. head coil & body coil available)

wide range of specialist coils for clinical & research use

Syngo software for wide range of scan acquisitions:

cardiac, perfusion, fMRI, DTI, angiography, MRS

pre and post scan behavioural testing cubicles (2)

changing and restroom facilities

NordicNeuroLab VisualSystem & eye tracking

built-in diopter correction

pupil distance adjustment

3D capable

SVGA, 800 (x3) x 600 pixels with 16.7 million colours

85 Hz refresh rate

F.O.V. 30° horizontal, 23° vertical

NordicNeuroLab AudioSystem

electrostatic headphones

flat frequency response from 8Hz to 35kHz

noise attenuation: +30dB

simultaneous two-way communication

Stimulus Presentation with EPrime, Presentation, Matlab

Current Designs fORP behavioural response pads.


Mag & More Power MAG 100 TMS system

Maximum stimulation frequency: 100Hz

Maximum intensity 100% up to 30 Hz, 80% (50 Hz TBS), 70% (100 Hz TBS)

Theta burst stimulation: Short, rapid sets of pulses (3 pulses at 50 Hz) repeated with a carrier frequency of 5 Hz.

Frameless optical stereotaxic system for MRI-guided TMS positioning

ADInstruments PowerLab 26T Physiology Acquisition

Sampling rate: up to 100 000 samples per second (per channel)

Two isolated biological inputs (approved for human connection)

A constant-current isolated stimulator output (approved for human connection)

Two to four non-isolated analog inputs

Two analog outputs

Digital inputs and outputs for external instrument control

External trigger input and signal triggering

GSR Amplifier ML116 for skin conductance measurements

BrainAmp MR Plus MRI and TMS-compatible EEG system

4x32, 2x64 or 1x128 channel systems

Fully RF shielded laboratory with shielded network ports and power supplies.

Waveguide connections to adjacent rooms for fibre optics

Analysis Laboratory

20 Intel I7 Quad Core Linux workstations

4 High-speed application servers

5Tb local fast data storage with InfiniBand connection

30Tb central data storage via dedicated fibre-channel link


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