CINN Summer School 2010

From July 7th to July 16th, 2010, the CINN hosted the second edition of its summer school on neurodynamics. This page, which originally gathered all practical information, now acts as the proceedings of this event. Slides of the lectures can be download from the programme section.  

The CINN summer school series is directed at graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from psychology, linguistics, neuroscience, computational neuroscience, mathematics, computer sciences and engineering, who wish to combine a theoretical approach to neurodynamics with practical experience in neuroimaging (MRI, EEG, TMS, fMRI-EEG, & EEG-TMS).

This year, we were very happy to enjoy guest tutorials by Prof. Walter Freeman (Univ. California Berkeley), Prof. Rodrigo Quian Quiroga (Univ. Leicester), Prof. Andreas Roepstorff (Centre of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience), & Prof. Anil Seth (Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science), as well as practical demonstrations of combined fMRI-EEG and combined EEG-TMS by Brain Products (


  • Pringle Chris (Univ. Reading, UK)
  • Roesch Etienne (Univ. Reading, UK)
  • Sloan Kelly (Univ. Reading, UK)


A successful approach to cognitive neuroscience and neurodynamics requires knowledge of both modelling and neuroimaging techniques. The objective of the CINN Summer School is to bridge the gaps between these fields, and to provide students with a practical understanding of both the brain and some of the cutting-edge methods to investigate it.


The summer school was organised from the 7th to the 16th of July. It started with a 2-day course delivered in partnership with Brain Products ( on combined fMRI-EEG, and combined EEG-TMS, including theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations using the facilities in CINN. The third day provided boot strap sessions aimed at bringing all students up to speed with basic concepts in cognition, cognitive neuroscience and mathematics. In the following week, students were given the opportunity to attend a series of lectures and tutorials by some of the leading personalities in their fields, including a guest tutorial by Prof. Walter Freeman.

Click the name of a speaker to get their slides in pdf format. We are in the process of gathering the slides from all speakers, some might still be missing. We thank you for understanding, and kindly ask you to visit this page again soon.


Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th July - Practical workshop on multimodal imaging (combined EEG-fMRI and combined EEG-TMS), in partnership with Brain Products: setup, data acquisition, analyses. More on the website of Brain Products. Slides:


Friday 9th July - Boostrapping sessions
10:00-12:00 Dr. Chris Pringle - "The Entirety of Mathematics in Two Hours."
14:00-16:00 Cognitive Neuroscience (Prof. Saddy, Prof. Ellis, & Dr. Roesch)
16:30-17:30 Poster session and welcome drinks: Students were encouraged to bring a poster describing their current research, which remained posted in the main corridor of CINN throughout the whole summer school.


Monday 12th to Friday 16th July - All lectures to take place in the Nike Auditorium, Agriculture building, UoR (How to find us).

   09:30-12:30  14:00-17:00
Mon 12th  Douglas Saddy
The neurodynamics of language

Walter Freeman
The Grand challenges (I) *

 Tue 13th Andreas Roepstorff
From Social Cognition to Interacting

Anil Seth
The neurodynamics of consciousness

 Wed 14th Quian Quiroga
Single Trial Analysis
Walter Freeman
The Grand challenges (II) **
 Thu 15th Slawomir Nasuto
Roland Potthast
Imaging and inverse problems in cognitive neurodynamics
 Fri 16th Pete Grindrod
Complex systems and evolving networks: patterns and waves


*    Recommended reading for Monday afternoon:


**   Recommended reading for Wednesday afternoon:


Registration is now closed.


Classes were organised on the Whiteknights Campus of the University of Reading. Practicals using MRI, EEG and TMS were hosted in the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics (CINN). The CINN is an interdisciplinary research facility where cutting-edge research meets world-class facilities: a research-dedicated 3T Siemens Trio MRI scanner, MR-compatible EEG recording systems (Brain Products), and a MR-compatible TMS delivery system (Mag & More, and Brain Products).

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