Postgraduate ideas exchange

27 September 2010, University of Reading

This event focused on What is a PhD in Information Design? And Future issues for research in Information Design

The themes that emerged from our discussions were:

  • Information Design as a trans- or multi-disciplinary field
  • A mixture of research methodologies are employed (and this was the theme for the link-up with Brazilian ID conference)
  • Information Design is still an immature discipline, in contrast to e.g. Meteorology
  • We identified the usefulness of promoting awareness of information design principles and practices to people working in other fields
  • We questioned how we, as Information Designers, might align ourselves with other disciplines, and the workshop on 'Designing effective weather forecasts for everyday use' was an exercise in this.

Future ideas for research in information design included:

  • Company intranets; ethical issues in searching for information (how are people directed); personalisation of medical information
  • Tacit knowledge and how this may be externalised and tested (in receiver as well as producer)
  • Children and healthy eating; recycling and sustainable behaviours; less digi-literate people; cultural diversity: design problems with a cultural perspective


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