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We joined LUCID members in Brazil through a video link up during the 5th Information Design International Conference, Florianopolis, Brazil 28-31 August 2011.

A paper by José Marconi B de Souza and Luciane Fadel on 'To what extent is empirical research carried out by Brazilian Information Design researchers' was presented by José to a smaller group of conference attendees who did not require translation. The discussion then went back and forth between Reading and the conference attendees in Brazil. A few of the themes we discussed, prompted by the presentation and written paper were:

  • The importance of looking at statistics as one element within designing empirical studies. An appropriate method needs to be selected to address the research questions, and this is supported by the relevant statistical approach.
  • The feasibility of incorporating the teaching of empirical methods into an Information Design curriculum. The two-year postgraduate design programme at the Federal University of Paraná may be able to do this. Would it fit into a one-year UK Masters programme?
  • The challenges of researching the use of documents, as opposed to clinical trials of drugs. If we strictly control the design of documents to conduct an experiment we are not using typical documents, so are quasi experiments more appropriate?
  • What kind of training in research methods are people working within the industry looking for?

Information Design Association Conference 

  • Lucid members are involved in the organisation of the Information Design Association Conference at the University of Greenwich, 12 - 13 April 2013, and several members are speaking or presenting posters.

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