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  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow
  • Athena SWAN Representative

Building/Room: Chemistry/109

Dr Bartok-Partay has joined the Department in July 2016, transferring her Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship from the University of Cambridge. She completed her PhD studies in the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, in 2009, studying the structure of different liquid-vapour surfaces and aggregation of bile molecules by different computational techniques. Her thesis was entitled 'Colloid chemical applications of computer simulation methods'. She started working in Cambridge in 2008 with Prof. David Wales at the Department of Chemistry and with Dr Gábor Csányi at the Engineering Department, studying potential energy landscapes. She has been working on a novel computational technique, called nested sampling, for exploring the configurational phase space of chemical systems. The main advantages of the method is that it automatically generates all relevant atomic configurations, and determines their stability relative to each other allowing a straightforward approximation for the partition function. In 2014 she was awarded a Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship and one of the key aims of her fellowship is to extend this technique to become a powerful tool for predicting complete pressure-temperature phase diagrams, including the solid region. Currently she is studying the behaviour of nanoalloys and the solid structure of model systems.

Livia BartokPartay

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0118 378 4746

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