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  • Professor of Materials Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry Section Head

Building/Room: Chemistry/123

Professor Colquhoun's research activities are focused on (i) developing the potential of copolymers to store and process digital information at the level of single molecules, (ii) the development of new materials for energy-applications, specifically proton-transport membranes for fuel cells and membrane-electrolysers, (iii) the application of supramolecular forces to direct the assembly of polymer chains, especially for self-healing materials, and (iv) enhancing the properties and processability of high-performance engineering thermoplastics. These programmes are currently supported by more than £1.5M in EPSRC and EU research grants, including a five-year Materials Platform Grant (£1.2M). Collaborative research programmes, sponsored by EPSRC and the EU, have recently involved Northwestern University (Illinois), Case Western Reserve University (Ohio), the University of Delaware, the California Institute of Technology, and the Universities of Strasbourg, Freibourg, Eindhoven and Manchester.

Howard Colquhoun

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+44 (0) 118 378 6717

+44 (0) 118 378 6717

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