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  • Professor of Materials Chemistry
  • Materials Chemistry Section Head

Building/Room: Chemistry/123

Professor Colquhoun's research activities are focused on (i) the development of new materials for energy-applications, specifically proton-transport membranes for fuel cells and membrane-electrolysers, (ii) the application of supramolecular forces to direct the assembly of polymer chains, especially for self-healing materials, (iii) enhancing the properties and processability of high-performance engineering thermoplastics, and (iv) developing the potential of copolymers to store and process digital information at the level of single molecules. These programmes are currently supported by more than £1.5M in EPSRC and EU research grants, including a five-year Materials Platform Grant (£1.1M), and by research student sponsorship from several multinational industries. Collaborative research programmes, sponsored by EPSRC and/or NSF, have recently involved Northwestern University (Illinois), Case Western Reserve University (Ohio), the University of Delaware, and the California Institute of Technology.

Howard Colquhoun

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+44 (0) 118 378 6717

+44 (0) 118 378 6717

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