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  • Associate Professor in Biophysics and Materials
  • Lecturer in Physical Chemistry
  • Part 4 Year Tutor

Building/Room: Chemistry/114

Our research interests primarily focus on biomaterials and biomolecular assemblies, including lamellar and non-lamellar lipid bilayer structures, amyloid protein and peptide fibrils, and elastic protein networks. We are interested in developing methods to control, align and investigate these systems without their needing to be dehydrated or crystallised. Molecular alignment gives us a wealth of additional structural information on the biomolecules, using x-ray scattering and polarized vibrational spectroscopy (IR and Raman).

In addition, the group has an interest in developing interactive animations and demonstrations based on Adobe (Macromedia) Flash, for use in teaching.

Current Grants:

• Principal investigator EPSRC EP/F036566 "New methods for the production and analysis of nanostructured self-assembled lipid mesophases with bicontinuous cubic topology as supported thin films" £292,291 2008-2011

• Co-investigator EPSRC EP/F007795/1 "Developing New Time-Resolved Techniques Monitoring Response of Soft Materials to Mechanical Deformation" £314,571 2007-2009


Adam Squires

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+44 (0) 118 378 4736

+44 (0) 118 378 6331

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