Thought for the Week Beginning 28th September 2014

Dear All,

Welcome, or welcome back, to Reading and to the Catholic Chaplaincy. I hope you had a good summer and are having a good start into the new academic year. This applies, of course, also to those of you who are not at the Uni. For those of us who are, this time of year marks a new beginning - especially for those of you who have just arrived in Reading and are beginning a new course. We are praying especially for you in these days and weeks, and it's our hope that the Chaplaincy may become for you something like a ‘home from home’ - a place to pray and worship, to make new friends, to relax and recharge, and maybe to let ourselves be challenged afresh by the Gospel of Christ.

Whether you've just arrived or have been around for a while, this is your community and it will be what we all together make of it. I think it's a bit a like the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes in the Gospel. You might not feel that you've got much to contribute, but if you bring in what little you have, like the boy who brought the five small loaves and two fishes, God can do wonderful things. You'll see that there are many different things going on, both at the Catholic Chaplaincy and the Chaplaincy Centre on Campus. So, come and get involved, bring your gifts and talents, but above bring yourselves - you are the greatest gift. And if there's anything that you would like to see happening in the Chaplaincy that currently isn't, please don't hesitate to speak to me, and maybe between us we can make it happen.

God bless,