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Click on the links below to hear or see recordings of past lectures the Chaplaincy Centre has hosted.

Chaplaincy Youtube Channel (including recorded Cafe Theologique events)

Cafe Theologique page


Jesus the Lamb by Conrad Hicks


Queer to be religious? by Alison Webster
Gender equality - still an issue for us? by Terrie Robinson


Can a person's calling include sex reassignment surgery? by Mike Peat
Why we need to talk about sin - differently by Stephen Cherry

Chasing the money changers from the Temple of our Democracy by Ann Pettiphor


Joanna Jepson in conversation with Sir David Bell Jan 2016
What do University Chaplains do? by Mark Laynesmith

Earlier talks
The Heavens are telling the Glory of God - The Theological Imagination of CS Lewis by Michael Ward (video)
Enough food for everyone: make it happen by Ben Haines (audio)
Bite Back at Hunger by Thelma Ma Phiri from the Dabane Trust, a Christian Aid Partner (audio)
The Psychology of Volunteering: Motivating Behaviour Change by Rachel McCloy (video); (accompanying presentation slides for Dr. McCloy's talk can be found here)

How to be a bad Christian and a better human being by Dave Tomlinson (audio)
How to be an Agnostic by Mark Vernon (audio)


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