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    I'm the Anglican Chaplain and Team co-ordinator.


  • Areas of Interest

    I've been ordained since 2002 and trained in Oxford at Ripon College Cuddesdon. Before theology my background was in medieval history having taken a BA and an MA at York, I'm currently studying a part-time PhD in early medieval church history.
  • I'm interested in the ways that art, literature, film and social justice intermingle with theology. For fun I brew my own beer, make my own bread and until recently kept bees. I'm married to a freelance medieval historian, and we have two boys.

  • Our family are long-term attenders of the Greenbelt Festival. I worship and help out with St John and St Stephen's Church. If you're interested in my thoughts I keep a blog here and have a little personal website here.

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  Mark Laynesmith


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