Chaplaincy Theology Library

building picOur theology library based in the Chaplaincy is available for all to use. Any of the books may be borrowed for up to a term.

Subjects covered include biblical studies, theology, philosophy and world faiths. Search the catalogue below, or email the Chaplaincy for more information.

How to borrow our books....

If you're interested in borrowing any of our books it's quick and easy.  You don't even need a library card.  Simply fill out the index card in the front of the book you would like to borrow and place it in the card file in our Library.  When you've finished with the book simply return it to the Book Return box (also in the Library).

The book index cards are routinely checked, and all books must be returned by the end of each term.  Any books not returned will be charged to the most recent borrower. 

Categories and Catalogue...

Browse our searchable Chaplaincy Library Book List (excel) or our Chaplaincy Library Book List (pdf).


Abbr. Category  Abbr.   Category
BIB Bible  NWT New Testament
BIO Biography   OWT Old Testament 
CBF Christian Belief   PHL Philosophy 
CCC Christian Classics  POE Poetry
CHR Christology  PRA Prayer
CHU Church  REF Reference
DEV Devotion  SCI Science
DIS Discipleship  SMF Sex, Marriage & Family
ETH Ethical Issues  SOP Social/Political 
EVA Evangelism  SPI Spirituality
HEA Healing & Wholeness  THD Thought for the Day
HIS Church History  WRL World Religions
HSP Holy Spirit  WSH Worship
JUD Judaism    

Contact us

  • Phone us
    0118 378 8797
  • Write to us at:
    Chaplaincy Centre
    Park House Lodge
    Whiteknights Campus
    Reading, RG6 6AH

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