Learning languages for a healthy brain
by Tay

Learning languages for a healthy brain

Date: 21/02/2019

Time: 20.00-22.00

Location: University of Reading, London Road Campus, Room LO22

Evidence suggests that speaking more than one language is good for your mind and brain.

This is because bilinguals must constantly choose which language they will use each time they speak, as well as preventing the non-relevant language from interfering.

This 'trains' the brain to be more flexible when switching between languages. This process can physically change the structure of the brain, and might even prove beneficial in older age.

In this interactive event, which will be held on International Mother Language Day 2019, researchers from the Bilingualism in the Brain lab at the Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism will explain what language learning can do for you, and its importance for children and adults, especially patients with neurodegeneration.

Registration for this event will open in January 2019.

Please contact us if you would like more information in the meantime.

Find out more about the Bilingualism in the Brain lab here.


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