16th-19th July: 2nd International Connect Malaysia (Connect’M) Conference 2018
by Tim Yates

16th-19th July: 2nd International Connect Malaysia (Connect’M) Conference 2018

2nd International Connect Malaysia (Connect’M) Conference 2018
16-19 July 2018
At University of Reading Malaysia, 

Persiaran Graduan
Kota Ilmu, Educity
79200 Iskandar Puteri
Johor, Malaysia.

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Connect Malaysia (Connect’M) is an international and interdisciplinary conference that aims to bridge the gap between multiple disciplines (linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and education) by connecting researchers from Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand in Malaysia, a multilingual and multicultural society.

Following the successful 1st Connect’M conference with the theme ‘Connecting Neuroscience and Evidence-based practices in clinical and non-clinical research’, the 2nd Connect’M 2018 has the theme:

‘Language & Literacy in Multilingual Societies’.

Connect’M 2018 will comprise three days of research presentations and thematic roundtables and one day of knowledge transfer workshops.

Day 1- Literacy: the first day will focus on factors that contribute to literacy attainment, including cognitive factors (e.g. phonological awareness), environmental factors (e.g. home language and literacy environment), and pedagogical factors (e.g. methods of literacy instruction).

Day 2 – Multilingualism in the classroom: will focus on multilingualism in the classroom and will address issues of individual variability in bilinguals, the use of translanguaging in the classroom and science and maths education in multilingual classrooms.

Day 3 – Language assessment for mutilingual children: will focus on language assessment for children growing up in multilingual societies, how to develop language assessments for multilingual children and will include talks on methods for the documentation of indigenous languages and language development research.

Keynote speakers:
1. Rhona Stainthorp & Daisy Powell (University of Reading)
2. Jeanine Treffers-Daller (University of Reading)
3. Stephanie Pillai (University of Malaya)

Invited speakers:
1. Alison Arrow (Massey University, New Zealand): tbc
2. Connie Ho (The University of Hong Kong) tbc
3. Rogayah Razak & Lim Hui Woan (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
4. Susan Rickard-Liow (National University of Singapore) tbc
5. Lina Mukhopadhyay (The English & Foreign Languages University, India)
6. Tamer Amin (American University of Beirut)
7. Ambigapathy Pandian (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak)

1. The impact of different types of instruction on literacy development
2. Multilingualism in the classroom
3. Language assessment for multilingual children

Knowledge transfer workshops:
1. Using software for psycholinguistic experiments - PsychoPy
2. Eye-tracking
3. ERP

The Conference is organised by the Centre for Literacy & Multilingualism at the University of Reading.

Organising committee:

Theo Marinis, Daisy Powell, Doug Saddy (University of Reading)
Rachel Pye (University of Reading Malaysia)
Rogayah Razak (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
Ngee Thai Yap (Universiti Putra Malaysia)



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