Meal Plans

An easy way to eat on campus

Meal Plans give you peace of mind in terms of not having to budget for food or worry about shopping or cooking, allowing you to focus on University Life and can be purchased by either yourself or on your behalf, for example, by a Parent or Guardian.

For full information about the 2018/19 meal plans, please read our Meal Plan Guide.

Expression of Interest

Meal Plans will be offered on a first come first served basis with students on an All Year plan taking priority.

If you are interested in a meal plan, please complete the online form below.

Prospective Students: Once you meet the criteria of your Academic offer to the University AND are NOT allocated a place in a Catered Hall, you will be emailed and invited to pay. You will need to complete this within 48 hours of emailed otherwise we will offer the place to another student. Students allocated a room in a Catered Hall will automatically be allocated a place on Chilli Meal Plan as per our terms and conditions and invoiced with their Hall Fees.

Current Students: You will be invited to pay for your Meal Plan from 1st August 2018 - you will need to complete this within 2 weeks otherwise we will offer the place to another student.


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Meal Plan terms and conditions

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