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Campus Card Top Up 

Save time and money with the Campus Card. Get discounts across most items and never wait in line at the cashpoint again.

The University has a range of restaurants and cafes across our campuses. If you load cash onto your Campus Card, you can get 15% discount on hot drinks and 5% discount on all other products.


How do I pay for meals?

Once your card is loaded up, paying for goods is as easy as swiping it at the checkouts across campus. Your card can be used in all Eat locations as well as Dol.cHe Vita, Index Café and Café Libro. It can also be used to pay for other university services, see Campus Card website for details.

Why is it better than paying by cash?

Paying by Campus Card isn't just convenient for you, it's convenient for us too. That means we can give you a discount on all of our products, to reflect the fact that you're saving us time and effort too. No cash, no fuss.

How can I start getting discounts with my Campus Card?

You will need to open your account online at our dedicated and secure website: and click on 'Register' and follow the onscreen instructions.
Once your account is set up your Campus Card is then ready to use, just click on 'Top Up' to add money to your account using your debit/credit card.


Fully Catered Package 2015 - 2016


  • The Meal package will be charged as part of your accommodation bill.

  • We top up your Campus Card with £61.67 per week during the 31 weeks  of term time.

  • You will receive 10% off all main meal items which are displayed with a blue triangle next to the price. It's like having £68.50 to spend a week.

  • You can also load cash to a top up account via credit or debit card at our secure website and receive extra discounts on most items. 

  • Catered Package

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    How do I pay for meals?

    Students pay for a meal package as part of their accommodation package in fully catered residences. When you first arrive in a catered hall you will receive a Campus Card. You can then insert the card at a till terminal to pay for your meals.

    Where can I eat?

    You can eat at Park Eat, Eat at The Square, Eat & Drink at London Road,  Wantage Hall, St Patricks Hall, Eat at Agriculture and Eat at SportsPark.

    Which halls are catered halls?

    Dunsden Cresent (part of Mackinder Hall), St Patrick's, Wantage and Windsor (excluding Greenow and McCombie which are self-catered houses attached to Windsor Hall).

    For terms and conditions please visit


    2014 - 2015 Catered Package details

    For more information about the current years Catered Package please visit

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