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Sources of job satisfaction change over time and it might be appropriate to reassess what will give you satisfaction in the next stage of your career. Some self evaluation and appraisal of what matters to you might help you make sensible choices about your next step.

Motivations and interests

The Windmills careers site has interactive pages which might be of use considering motivations.


The Things I really value page of Windmills can help identify these.

The questionnaire available on Jobsite highlights your current life and work values, how others see you and questions to consider when changing jobs.


The Keirsey Temperament Sorter takes about 20 minutes.

The Jung Typology Test can help identify personality preferences similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Approaches to career thinking

There are different ways to approach thinking about your career development. One method known as "happenstance" is described on Gradline, which aims to inform and entertain early-career microbiologists. It is an approach equally valuable to all disciplines.

Quote about moving out of academia, from a University of Reading researcher now working as a medical writer:

I attended a Myers Briggs group session in CSTD and that helped me "pull out" what I wanted from a job. I listed what I'd enjoyed in my research, analysed the skills I'd used and was surprised at how many I had developed. I focussed on data analysis and writing and put these facts into a search engine. It came up with medical writing and that's what I'm doing now! I agree it's a novel approach to career planning - but it's worked for me!

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