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Career Unlocker

Career Unlocker is designed to help those who have got stuck at some point during the career decision making process. This can happen for a number of reasons and Career Unlocker helps you to identify what the obvious and underlying reasons are for you in your unique situation and provides advice on how to make further progress.

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Gro helps students assess themselves in five different areas: confidence, locus of control, living in the present, managing transition and dealing with uncertainty. Students complete questionnaires, reflect on past experiences and look at student narratives, all embedded in the University experience. It provides students with a sense of what their abilities are in these areas and to develop a clear, specific plan should they need to.

Important... read first: Gro is a teaching and learning resource and, while it might be used by individuals, it is designed to be deployed as part of a supported PDP/CDL process. Gro is versatile and brings together issues of career choice, student emotions and personality. Career choice demands knowledge and learning and to achieve this you need the right frame of mind to get started and to persevere.

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Skills Transformer

Skills transformer provides science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students with a structure to help them recognise, write about and talk about their skills: transforming them from dormant experiences to useful, persuasive evidence. It incorporates:

  • An audio/PowerPoint presentation demonstrating the changing perspectives of STEM graduates to transferable skills.
  • A recruitment readiness tool to test student openness to the recruitment process.
  • An interview impact tool to help assess impact needs and provide advice for improvement.
  • Advice on how to recognise, write about and talk about skills.
  • Real examples of the activities STEM graduates were involved in at University that developed their skills and how they are presented on application forms and at interview.
  • The opportunity for students to input their own activities, practice application form questions and prepare for interview questions.

Skills Transformer provides a great way for STEM students to engage with and anticipate the application process .

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