Staff Profile:


Responsible for the Delta IRMS, iCAP Q ICP-MS and Picarro.

Areas of Interest:

Fate and mobilization of nutrients and heavy metals in sediments and ground water.

Adsorption/desorption of metals on Nano-Particles.

My Ph.D. dissertation at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) focused on the adsorption of nutrients and trace elements on iron oxide surfaces. My post-doctoral research at Rice University (Houston, Texas) was focused on the investigation of the sorption and release of contaminants onto the surfaces of engineered nanoparticles and the evaluation of the fate of heavy metals and inorganic compounds during sediment resuspension.

Research groups / Centres:

Shipley HJ1, Gao Y., Kan AT, Tomson MB (2011) Mobilization of trace metals and inorganic compounds during resuspension of anoxic sediments from Trepangier Bayou, Louisiana. J Environ Qual. 40(2):484-91.

Gao, Y., Wahi, R., Kan A. T., Falkner, J. C. Colvin, V. L. and M. B. Tomson (2004) Adsorption of cadmium on anatase nanoparticles-effect of crystal size and pH. Langmuir, 20, 9585-9593.

Gao, Y., Kan, A. T. and M. B. Tomson (2004) Response to the comment on "Critical evaluation of desorption phenomena of heavy metals from natural sediments". Environmental Science and Technology 38 (17), 4703.

Gao, Y., Kan, A.T., and Tomson, M.B. (2003) Critical Evaluation of Desorption Phenomena of Heavy Metals from Natural Sediments. Environmental Science and Technology, Vol. 23, 5566-5573.

Gao, Y. and Mucci, A. (2003) Individual and competitive adsorption of phosphate and arsenate on goethite in artificial seawater. Chem. Geol., 199, 91-109.

Gao, Y. and Mucci A. (2001): Acid base reactions, phosphate and arsenate complexation, and their competitive adsorption at the surface of goethite in 0.7 M NaCl solution. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 65, 2361-2378.

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