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Research Fellows:
  • Mrs Louise Truslove

PhD students:
  • Duncan Coston: Quantifying the impacts of the neonicotinoid restriction on oilseed rape pest control, pollination and productivity (Lawes Trust)
  • Sean Webber: Managing Ecosystem Services to Promote Economic Benefits and Food Security (BBSRC CASE Sainsbury s)
  • Sam Leigh: Harnessing multiple benefits from novel crop rotations: increased yield, pest regulation, soil fertility and environmental quality (BBSRC DTP LIBERATION)
  • Paul Tyson: Ecosystem services in sustainable agriculture: maximising productivity and environmental benefits (NERC CASE - Waitrose)
  • Erika Degani: Novel crop rotations to enhance multiple ecosystem services underpinning production of winter wheat and oilseed rape (BBSRC CASE Syngenta)
  • Maria Zhang: Valuing biological pest control services (EC FP7)
  • Mark Ashby: Enhancing the benefits to biodiversity and ecosystem service delivery from uncropped areas in farms. 2014 - (BBSRC DTP)
  • Dimitrios Bormpoudakis: The coherence and ecological sufficiency of European protected area networks (joint with University of Kent)
  • Charalambos (Pambos) Christodoulou: Adequacy and effectiveness of the Natura 2000 network in Cyprus
  • Louise Sutherland: Developing novel Systematic Conservation Planning tools (joint with Open University of Cyprus)
  • Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos (Research Fellow, now at University of Kent)
  • Dr Ioannis Vogaitzakis (Research Fellow, now at Open University of Cyprus)
  • Dr Ben Woodcock (Research Fellow, now at CEH, Wallingford)
  • Dr Duncan Westbury (Research Fellow, now at University of Worcester)
  • Dr Peter Kwapong (Visiting Commonwealth Fellow, Cape Coast University, Ghana)
  • Dr Geetha Nayak (Visiting Researcher)
  • Dr Alexa Varah (PhD, now at ZSL): Can agroforestry reconcile conflicting demands for productivity, biodiversity conservation and delivery of ecosystem services?
  • Dr Victoria Wickens (PhD): Understanding and managing the flow of pest regulation services between protected areas and agroecosystems
  • Dr Jennifer Wickens (PhD): Understanding and managing the flow of pollination services between protected areas and agroecosystems
  • Dr Jake Bishop (PhD, now a Lecturer at University of Reading): Yield stability and climate change: the role of pollinators
  • Dr Megan Mckerchar (PhD, now at Waitrose): Enhancing pollination and pest regulation services by supplementing floral resources (joint with University of Worcester)
  • Dr Chloe Hardman (PhD, now at Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust): The effectiveness of agri-environmental management for biodiversity and ecosystem services in the wider countryside
  • Dr Rob Brown (PhD): Multiple ecosystem service and biodiversity benefits from novel crop mixtures
  • Dr Sara Ball (PhD, now at BBSRC): Multitrophic responses to local management practices and landscape scale changes in the agri-environment
  • Dr Liliana Bravo (PhD): The role of forest fragments in enhancing the delivery of pollination services to coffee in Cachal Reserve, Columbia
  • Dr Nadine Mitchunas (Technician, now at CEH)
  • Dr Robin Blake (PhD, now at Compliance Services International): Increasing the biodiversity benefits of existing field margins through novel management practices
  • Dr Elisabetta Pirodda (PhD): Impacts of local management and landscape context on pollination services of orchard crops in Sardinia
  • Dr Mark Otieno (PhD, now at Penn State University): Local management and landscape drivers of pollination and biological control services in a Kenyan agro-ecosystem
  • Dr Claire Brittain (PhD): Impact of pesticides on pollinator biodiversity and provision of pollinator services to crops and rare plants
  • Dr Jo Smith (PhD, now at the Organic Research Centre): Soil invertebrates in agricultural systems: estimating the biodiversity, functional and conservation value of different management practices
  • Dr Penny Fletcher (PhD): How does pollination affect the reproduction of wild plants in arable ecosystems?
  • Dr Tony Morris (PhD, now at RSPB): Manipulating crop and field margin vegetation structure for birds and food resources
  • Dr Dave Frearson (PhD): Management Strategies for European oilseed Rape pests
  • Dr Dave Smith (PhD): Managing agri-environment grass fields and margins for Orthoptera and farmland birds
  • Dr Dot Newman (PhD): The effect of fire on diversity, abundance and guild structure of coprophagous beetles in the African forest-savanna mosaic