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Club Competitions

We play all sorts of matches to suit all sorts of abilities:

Inter-Club competitions

An informal competition held on Thursday evenings. Teams are drawn by random and whoever is in the most winning teams by the end of the season wins a trophy.
Retired League
  Played on Monday or Tuesday afternoons.
Retired Open Pairs
  Retirees are chosen randomly.
  Competed for by people who haven't won a club competition (singles).
  Two players, played with four woods, points awarded to the woods closest to the jack, first to 100 points wins.(singles)
Two Woods
  Two players, played over 21 ends, only two woods per end
Triples   Knockout tournament. Each round played with 3 woods. Winners are team with highest score after 18 ends.
Rinks   A team of 4 (skip; No.3; No.2; No.1). Played with 2 woods per team member; over 21 ends.
John Crouch Open Pairs
  A Pairs competition. Teams are chosen randomly.
Select Pairs
  Held on one day. This is a points competition. Each pair is a man and woman.
Captain vs President
  The club captain and president choose their own teams (rinks).

Mens and Ladies' singles, pairs and triples should be self explanatory

Intra Club competitions

Manchester Unity League
Mixed games (triples)
Kenent League
  Men's only Tuesday night competition (rinks)
Open Invitation
  The University invites teams to compete.


An explanation of team sizes
Rink Four players per team
Triples Three players per team
Pairs Two players per team
Singles One player


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