Forensic Zoology

Forensic ZoologyStudents will learn how they can apply their knowledge of zoology to solve questions in forensic investigations, including a session from a real police forensic officer. Students will learn how to use arthropods in estimations of time of death, animal parts and traces in investigations of illegal trade and animal evidence to explain circumstances of death. This module includes practical sessions to give high level training.


staff photographDr Alejandra Perotti's main research interests are the biology of interaction between insects or mites and prokaryotes. At present her research is focussed on hosts of medical and economic importance such as human lice and mites. A multitude of invertebrates host bacterial endosymbionts and the nature of these interactions is still poorly known and under investigation. Interactions can span from obligatory/nutritional partnerships to the modification of the reproduction of the host, and to the integration of some prokaryotic genes into the host genome


Module convenor: Dr Alejandra Perotti

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