Part 2 Zoology Field Course B (Sussex)

This course focuses on common field techniques used in the study of birds and mammals. A range of field- and laboratory-based sessions are used to study methods such as capture-mark-recapture, DISTANCE sampling, bird ringing, sign surveys and radio tracking. To illustrate these methods, we study a range of different species including small rodents and insectivores, dormice and water voles. The course is based at the RSPCA's Mallydams Wood Wildlife Hospital in East Sussex with much of the work taking place at nearby Elms Farm, an internationally recognised bird-ringing centre: during the course, students are given the opportunity to view the work of staff at both of these locations. Students are expected to complete a range of assessed pieces of work, some of which are completed during the course itself and others which are handed-in during the subsequent autumn term.

 BI2EL3P - Part 2 Zoology Field Course B (Sussex)

Convenor: Dr Phil Baker

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