BlastocystEndocrinology is all about hormones - chemical messengers released into the bloodstream that act through receptors to elicit a response by target cells elsewhere in the body. The endocrine system, together with the nervous system, plays essential regulatory roles in homeostasis, growth, metabolism and reproduction. This module provides the student with a comprehensive introduction to the endocrine system and its role in regulating the activities of the major organ systems of mammals, with emphasis on man. The underlying causes and pathological consequences of under- and over-secretion of particular hormones will also be considered.

Autumn Term


Professor Phil Knight is the Director of Research at the School of Biological Sciences and a repoductive biologist. His research aims to increase understanding of the mechanisms that regulate ovarian follicular development, ovulation and early embryo development in mammals and birds. As well as being of fundamental scientific interest, this research will underpin the development of improved methods for manipulating reproduction and for diagnosing and treating infertility in animals and man.

BicknellAndrew_largeDr Andrew Bicknell is an endocrinologist who has a long-term interest in the mammalian stress axis. He did his PhD and postdoctoral work with Prof Phil Lowry at the University of Reading before becoming a lecturer in 2008. Andrew is Admissions tutor for Biomedical Sciences and the module convenor for the Pathology module.

Other lecturers: Dr Natasha Barrett

Module convenor: Professor Phil Knight

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