Clinical Haematology and Cellular Pathology

clinical haematologyClinical Haematology and Cellular Pathology is a second year module taken by many of our Biomedical Sciences, Biochemistry and Microbiology students. This exciting module looks at the role and structure of the cells of the blood and how these are investigated in a typical hospital laboratory (haematology), as well as the structure and function of healthy and diseased tissues and their investigation in the clinical setting (cellular pathology). The module draws on the expertise of the Biomedical Scientists from the Royal Berkshire Hospital, who contribute to a significant proportion of the teaching, as well as our own academic staff specialising in haematological research.

Spring Term


Natasha BarrettDr Natasha Barrett is a platelet biologist, working on human blood. She obtained her BSc in Biochemistry and PhD from the University of Reading, before getting hooked on studying blood cells, in particular the platelets, in the lab of Prof. Jon Gibbins. Platelets stick together at sites of injury to help the blood clot, preventing excess blood loss. Natasha has been lecturing since 2007. She meets most students in the School during their first term and really enjoys helping students find their feet in their new studies. Although the lectures are enjoyable, she really likes running the practical classes, where students get to apply some of the theory they have learnt.

Other lecturers on this module include Clinical Lecturers from the Royal Berkshire Hospital - Richard Rogers, Briony Allen, David Fish, Flo Malcolm, Eva Halloran.

Module convenor: Dr Natasha Barrett

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