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campusBiology is the science of the moment, the science of the living world. It impacts on our everyday life, from uncovering the molecular basis of life and the treatment of disease, to understanding the diversity of life and how we can protect it. A degree in a biological science is your first step towards helping to make a difference, and provides a first class basis for your future career.

Our University is a fantastic place to spend your undergraduate years. Within the School, our programmes are challenging and exciting and the staff friendly and approachable. Each is a recognised expert in their field. The campus is biodiverse, green and wooded, with a beautiful lake, ideal for studying organismal biology, while our laboratories are modern and very well equipped for those studying biomedical sciences. We offer the following undergraduate degree courses:

Biochemistry icon

BSc Biochemistry. Biochemistry is the most fundamental of the biological discipines since it focuses on the basis of life at the level of the molecule. It considers how inanimate chemicals assemble together to generate a living entity and so provides the closest possible account of how we and all other life-forms function.

Biological Science icon

BSc Biological Sciences. The demand for biologists has never been greater and you will be entering a discipline at the very forefront of medical, technological and environmental advances. As the frontiers within biology extend, so too fo the range of career options. This degree is also available with Industrial Experience.

Biomedical Science icon

BSc Biomedical Sciences. If you are interested in the causes of disease and how humans and animals combat disease, or if you are interested in medical topics, but want to do a Science degree, then our Biomedical Sciences degree is the one for you.

BME Undergraduate courses

BEng/MEng Biomedical Engineering. This is a fascinating area of research involved in developing novel engineering solutions to healthcare problems. The undergraduate courses cover a wide variety of topics such as neural engineering, cardiovascular disease, gene therapy and wearable electronics.

Applied Ecology and Conservation icon

BSc Ecology and Wildlife Conservation. The world is undergoing the sixth great extinction, and for the first time the cause is a single species - us. This degree course is aimed at those who care enough to want to do something about this: to make a difference, you need knowledge.

Microbiology icon

BSc Microbiology. This degree will teach you about the prominent microbes of today including the medically important MRSA, E.Coli and C.diff bacteria and SARS, HIV and influenza viruses. Delve into the murky underworld of the soil and natural environment and learn how microbes are major players influencing planetary health and climate change.

Zoology icon

BSc Zoology. Zoology is a fascinating, exciting and vibrant science. Zoologists study animal life in all its forms and at all scales. While many zoologists focus on animal ecology, behaviour and conservation, others are interested in how animals function at the genetic or physiological scale. At Reading we provide a diverse course that meets all these interests.

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