MSc Wildlife Management and Conservation - Projects

MSc Wildlife Management and Conservation - ProjectsA great deal of control is given to the student over the topic to be studied. Lists of projects are provided by a range of external organizations eager to gain the data collecting skills of MSc students from Reading for the summer period. Alternatively students are welcome to devise their own project in consultation with the course director. Projects can be carried out overseas as well as in the UK, on a wide range of taxonomic groups and in conjunction with organizations external to the university. We have many well established links with NGOs including RSPB, Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Marine Conservation Society, Local Wildlife Trust, and many more. Examples of projects carried out in recent years include:

  • Effects of predators on ground nesting waders in the Avon Valley
  • Dispersion of Blue Iguana across Grand Cayman
  • Foraging range of White-backed Vultures in Southern Africa
  • Habitat requirements of dormice in Berkshire and Oxfordshire
  • Bat activity across the Warburg Reserve
  • Habitat requirements of the Fregate beetle on Fregate island, Seychelles
  • The extent of the illegal wildlife trade in the UK
  • Black Grouse nesting behaviour in Scotland
  • Conflict between elephants and people in Thailand
  • Prey selection by Red Kites in the Chiltons
  • The use of species lists to drive conservation action on nature reserves
  • Microhabitat differences among Odonata species in the new Forest
  • The value of allotments for urban biodiversity
  • Establishment of a sooty tern colony on Bird Island, Seychelles
  • Effect of paddy field intensification on amphibian density in the Philippines
  • Breeding habitat preferences in the European Glow Worm

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