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Current Issues in Conservation

MSC Wildlife Management - Current Issues in Conservation

In this module a modern 'café style' learning approach is utilised to study a variety of conservation issues, which could be national or global, in great detail. The module is entirely driven by the participating student and, consequently, a very wide range of issues can be explored in a relaxed and friendly working environment. The assessment involves a number of modes of information transfer. Sometimes the material will have to be produced that is accessible to members of the public, politicians or other officials. This is particularly true if your chosen path of employment lies in wildlife conservation. Three types of information transfer skill will be addressed. One mode will be the production of a poster where students must transfer a message in a short period of time concisely and with precision. In addition, an essay suitable for publication in The Biologist will be written which requires the student to focus on accurate information but to avoid scientific language and jargon. Finally, each student will be required to deliver the material orally to a diverse audience using the available IT facilities.

Spring Term: 10 credit Optional Module (Dr Graham Holloway).

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