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Outreach Talks
Joanna Bagniewska at the Children's University of Lodz

Joanna Bagniewska at the
Children's University of Lodz

Reading's Wild Predators - Christmas Lecture

Mark Fellowes, Head, SBS:
Reading's Wild Predators at the UoR Christmas Lecture

Alice Pollitt

Alice Pollitt
STEM Ambassador

Craig Hughes

Craig Hughes
STEM Ambassador


Jon Gibbins
Director, ICMR

We give talks and discuss science at Café Scientifique, TED talks, popular science conferences and Soap Box events.

Amanda Unsworth

Amanda Unsworth

  • "Blood, getting to the heart of it" at Theale Café Scientifique: cardiovascular system/signaling/future directions. Interactive and much enjoyed over wine and nibbles. Natasha and Amanda reported getting a "science-high" after discussing subjects that they are truly passionate about.
Soap Box Manchester

Soap Box Manchester

Soap Box London

Soap Box London

Science: Polish Perspective

Science: Polish Perspectives

  • Was a participant in a Panel on Women in Science, featuring her newborn daughter, Flora at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Spring 2017)
  • ...and a Webinar speaker on Brexit and Science (15th May 2017)Outreach & Impact
  • Speaker at Sofia Science Festival, 13 May 2017 on Trophy Hunting and Conservation in Africa. Download the programme here.Outreach & Impact
  • Interacting with the 3D worldDelegates at the 2017 Association for Science Education Conference had an unusual opportunity to touch the virtual world during hands-on demonstrations of a 3D haptic learning system developed at the University of Reading. Haptic technologies provide touch feedback, and can create a convincing illusion that virtual objects have properties such as hardness and weight, thereby enabling more natural interaction with a 3D virtual world. Professor William Harwin and Dr Faustina Hwang from Reading's Biomedical Engineering Section presented a Frontier Science Lecture about their latest work on developing the system for science education as part of a project titled "3D Learning in a Rich Cooperative Haptic Environment" funded by The Leverhulme Trust.
  • Dr Tom OliverProfessor Tom Oliver

    ...has given a number of talks on climate change and human practices, on the environment:
    • Fracking: Potential impacts on ecosystems, Ecology and Conservation Studies Society invited seminar, Birbeck College, March 2017
    • A 'citizen science' approach to understanding the impacts of environmental change on wildlife, Association for Science Education Annual Conference, University of Reading, Jan 2017
    • Butterfly population responses to extreme weather events, UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme 40th Anniversary Event, Nov 2016
    • Understanding climate change impacts using long-term monitoring data: Butterflies as a model system, Benson Nature Group, Nov 2016
  • Ioannis Zoulias and Maitrayee Wairagkar (Ph.D students, Biomedical Engineering) gave several talks on Brain-Computer Interface in 2016.
  • Science Museum Lates and Brain Embodiment Laboratory Lates (in collaboration with Professor Slawomir Nasuto & Dr Yoshikatsu Hayashi)
    25 Mar 2015
  • IET Berkshire - Present Around The World (second prize and audience choice award)
    7 Apr 2016
  • Royal Institute Lates (in collaboration with Ph.D student Maitrayee Waigarkar)Brain Computer Interface
    8 Jul 2016

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If you are a SBS member who wants to do some outreach, please contact
Dr Nandini Vasudevan at or see upcoming events below.

If you are school staff interested in student participation in our outreach, please first contact the Student Outreach Office at or see Subject Tasters and UOR Outreach for more information.

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