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General Biology books

  • Battey, Nick & Fellowes, Mark (Eds.) 2016 30 Second Biology. Icon Books
  • Fellowes, Mark & Battey, Nick (Eds.) 2015 30 Second Evolution. Icon Books
  • To know more about insects, a booklet:
    Callaghan, Amanda and Fellowes, Mark 2016 Garden Entomology (4th edition). Royal Entomological Society, 64pp
  • Photographic artist Jim Naughton "Animal Kingdom: stereoscopic images of Natural History" 2016, Prestel, London features specimens in the Cole Museum. His art exhibition from 26 Sept to 6 March 2016 at the Horniman Museum, London, also featured these specimens from the Cole Museum on the WhiteKnights campus.
  • Mark Pagel writes about the diversity of cultures.
Speech bubble - vector
Joanna Bagniewska - YouTube shoot

Joanna recording for
the British Council

  • Rob Jackson speaking about the plight of conker trees through the following media:

See here for Rob's views on long term funding to find a pathogen that can control the bacteria that infects conkers.

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