Industry / Enterprise

A key aspect of our academic activities is to engage with external stakeholders including industry, government and charitable organisations. The 37 academics in the School currently interact with more than 50 businesses and other organisations spread across the globe. We carry out service work (for example, providing independent consultancy or empirical experimental testing) and collaborative research. A number of academics have external partners on PhD studentship projects, research grants, and Knowledge Transfer Projects, helping to understand academic and industrial problems, and in developing long-term collaborations for commercial development of products and services.

If you represent an industry, government or charitable organisation and are seeking advice or wish to collaborate or carry our service testing, please send enquiries to the Director of Impact & Enterprise, Dr Liam McGuffin.



A number of staff are engaged in consultancy and in the provision of products and/or services. These activities cover a wide range of disciplines - examples include: the provision of expert advice to Government agencies or Government advisory bodies; advice on microbiological practice; aphid control; the provision of booklice; and the sale of in vivo expressed proteins.



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