BEng Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is the application of engineering methods and designs in healthcare and biology. The end goals are to understand how different parts of the human body operate, to diagnose, prevent and treat disease and to restore bodily functions. In this programme you will learn how the brain works, what techniques exist to monitor different tissues in the human body and the science behind them, and how to design devices to rehabilitate injured patients and help the elderly. You should possess a keen understanding of mathematics and an innate curiosity for human physiology. As a part of the course you will engage in practical lab based classes that will enhance different practical skills you possess.

The University of Reading is a world leading institution in the fields of biology and engineering. The new undergraduate programme in Biomedical Engineering is an exciting course that brings together 60 full time expert academics, specializing in subjects such as electronics, physiology, robotics, genetics and more. Our aim is to inspire and train future graduate engineers that will develop the next generation of medical devices, health diagnostic systems and biocompatible prostheses. We offer BEng, MEng and PhD degrees, so you can choose the level of specialization you wish to pursue.

We are conducting world-renowned research in the fields of neural engineering, rehabilitation and medical technology. During your degree in Biomedical Engineering you will have the opportunity to undertake original research in the above fields, while completing your final year project. We also offer a wide range of optional modules from all the degree programmes delivered by the School of Biological Sciences, as well as the option to do a placement year within the biomedical sector. In our courses, you will also develop transferable skills that are valued by employers, so upon graduation you can immediately enter a competitive job market.

At the end of the second year of the Biomedical Engineering degree you can undertake a 1-year placement, with one of our industrial partners such as GSK, MicroChip and ReNeuron. This offers you the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field, while building a network of colleagues that will significantly aid you in your career. During your placement year, you will still be a student of the University of Reading and will have regular contact with an academic overseeing placements. Even though we have a dedicated 4-year programme (BEng Biomedical Engineering with a year in industry), the decision on the placement can be postponed until the start of your second year. So you can start a 3-year BEng programme and still do a placement, should you decide to do so.

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