Staff Profile:Professor Tom Oliver

Professor Tom Oliver
Job Title:
  • Professor of Applied Ecology
  • Research Division Leader for Ecology and Evolution
  • Supervision/co-supervision of the following PhD students -
    • Alexander Dean (University of Reading)
    • Andre Dornelles (University of Reading)
    • Luke Evans (University of Reading)
    • Chanida Fung (University of Reading)
    • Matt Greenwell (University of Reading)
    • Louise Hutchinson (University of Reading)
    • Lisbeth Morrison (University of Reading)
    • John Redhead (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)
    • Laura Merritt (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology)
    • Simon Mills (University of Sheffield)
    • Vicky Senior (University of Sheffield)
  • Supervision of the following Post-doctoral staff -
    • Emma Gardner (BBSRC: Modelling resilient pollination services)
    • Yolanda Melero (Marie-Curie: 'Butterfly community ecology')
Areas of Interest:
  • Interactions between land use and climate change on biodiversity
  • Spatiotemporal indicators for biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Biodiversity and the resilience of ecosystem functions

Member of the Ecology Research Group

Research groups / Centres:

Impact, Enterprise and Outreach:

  • Member of European Environment Agency Scientific Committee
  • Developing species climate change risk assessments and a decision framework for adaptation in partnership with Natural England
  • Author of technical report in LWEC Terrestrial Climate Change Impacts Report Card
  • Development of a UK indicator of functional connectivity in collaboration with JNCC
  • Quantifying UK biodiversity changes across 22 species groups, including a new spatial indicator of national biodiversity, used to inform of prioritisation of large infrastructure projects or ecological restoration (Dyer et al., 2016).
  • Research on climate change impacts and biodiversity changes reviewed in international newspapers (NY Times, Guardian), magazines (New Scientist, Science, Nature) and radio interviews (BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Esteem Factors:

  • Recent (2015/6) papers in Science, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, TREE
  • Involved in successful funding bids (PI/Co-I) totalling £5.94M income (e.g. funding through NERC, BBSRC, Natural England)
  • NERC Peer Review Panel member
  • Research cited in, and expert reviewer for, IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (AR5), Climate Change 2013: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability
  • Keynote speaker at International Future of Butterflies Conference 2016; British Ecological Society Symposium 2016; NERC Valuing Nature Programme keynote lecture 2017
  • Reviewer for over 30 different ISI journals including Nature and Science, and international funding agencies (e.g. NERC/BBSRC/Royal Society/EarthWatch/Czech Academy of Sciences) and Associate Editor of Journal of Insect Conservation and Diversity
  • NERC CDT Modelling and quantitative skills in ecology and evolution (QMEE) Selection and Training Board member and Tiger Team lead
  • Member of UK government-led working groups on habitat fragmentation, climate change adaptation and ecosystem services
  • NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Fellow

International Collaborators:

  • Constanti Stefanescu, Catalan Butterfly Monitoring Scheme, Spain
  • Oliver Schweiger, Josef Settele UFZ, Germany
  • Chris van Swaay, Butterfly Conservation Europe, Netherlands
  • Romain Julliard, Natural History Museum, France
  • Emily McKenzie, Natural Capital Project, USA
  • Damaris Zurell, Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
  • Gao Hu, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

National Collaborators:

  • David Roy, James Bullock, Nick Isaac, Matt Heard, Gary Powney, NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
  • Chris Thomas, Jane Hill, University of York
  • Albert Phillimore, Edinburgh University
  • Mike Bruford, University of Cardiff
  • Tom Brereton, Richard Fox, Butterfly Conservation
  • Kevin Watts, Forest Research
  • Richard Bradbury, RSPB
  • Simon Gillings, James Pearce-Higgins, British Trust for Ornithology
  • Richard Smithers, Ricardo AEA
  • Mike Morecroft, Simon Duffield, Humphrey Crick, Natural England
  • Deborah Procter, JNCC
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